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Best Audiobooks Services: Our life has become so busy that reading a book has become a luxury. Most of the book lovers carry a book with them while travelling but in public transport also it’s not easy to get a spot where you can sit and read your book peacefully.  If you are a book lover and reading is a challenge for you then you can go for audiobooks.

In this article, we will cover everything related to Audiobooks, so let’s have a quick look at what is it and how to get it;

What Are Audiobooks?

Audiobooks are the word to the word voice recording of the books. With the help of Audiobooks, you can listen to the book instead of reading it.   You can use gadgets like your smartphones, tablet, or laptop to listen to these audiobooks. You can also play the audiobook on your home speaker so that many people can listen to it on one go. Nowadays it has become a famous concept to listen to your favorite book rather than reading it. In short, Audiobooks are the recording of books. You can play these books on a music system like a song.

Best Audiobooks Services

What Are Audiobooks For? 

Audiobooks are basically for those who cannot read due to some physical problems. Those who have some vision-related issues and reading a book is either not possible or difficult to them the Audiobooks are the best option.

You can also enjoy the Audiobooks even if you can read without any difficulty. If you are traveling somewhere but people around you are talking and it is becoming tough for you to concentrate on the book you are reading then you can rely on the audiobook. If you want to relax while having foot massage then also you can plug in the headphone to your device and listen to the audiobook.

This new concept of the audiobook lets you complete your daily chores like cooking, gardening without leaving your book on hold. All you need to do it get the audiobook version of your favorite book and listen to it.  Playing Audiobooks is also not a difficult task. Playing these books is as easy as playing a song on your phone.  Download the audiobook on your phone, tablet, or laptop, play it on the music player. It is a must to have a good headphone to play audiobooks. 

How To Get Audiobooks?

You can purchase or download audiobooks for free. These books are available on various websites. You can download the audiobooks in the same way as you download the music files and videos.  Many online platforms offer these books for free to the readers and a few websites offer other audiobooks after getting the payment from the customers. You should have your first audiobook for free then only go to purchase one.

History of Audiobooks

You must be thinking that audiobook is a new concept of how it can have a history? But you are wrong. Audiobooks are present with us since 1930s. At that time a few schools and teachers used to have audiobooks and they used them for educational purposes. In the schools’ library, these books were found and the teachers of that time used to call these books, talking books. These talking books were sold in form of analog cassette tapes and vinyl records. Needless to say, these books used to be too huge and at that time hardly anyone thought of playing them in a compact device like a Smartphone.

How Do You Listen to an Audiobook?

The best thing about the audiobook is that it can be played on a wide variety of electronic devices like smartphones, computers, home or car music systems, laptops or desktop. None of these aforementioned devices is hard to get for anyone. Smartphone has become too common now so it has become easier to listen to the audiobooks.  

As we mentioned above the audiobooks are available on the internet on a free of costs and on purchased basis. If uu want to purchase an audiobook for you then you will have to check its audio format. Generally, the audiobooks or other audio files have the following audio formats;

  • MP3/ MP4
  • WMA (Windows Media Audio)
  • AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)

Out of them, MP3 is the most common and most used format and AAC is the most advanced one. The differences between these formats are about the voice quality and time they need for execution. Check the compatibility of your device with the format of the audiobook before downloading it.

From Where You Can Get Audiobooks?

Audiobooks are easily available on the internet but it is too vast that it becomes tough to trust one any random website to download something. Audiobooks is a famous concept now so many websites offer these books to the listeners. Here we have mentioned a few of the websites that offer audio books for free and paid;   

  • Apple Books: This is the official website to get the audiobooks for the apple devices and apple’s operating systems like iOS and macOS. For Apple devices users, it is the most reliable source to download the audiobooks. 
  • AllYouCanBooks.com: This is a paid site o download the audiobooks. Here you will find thousands of audiobooks related to different genres. All these books are available in a compatible format so that listeners can listen to them easily. You will have to pay the charges to download every audiobook available on this site but for the very first month, only you can download the books for free.    
  • Audible.com: In the virtual world of Audiobook Audible.com has become a well-known name. Here you can get many books available on different topics. The website is user friendly and it is easy to find a book related to your topic. Many websites ask the fee from the user to purchase an audiobook but here you can get a one-month subscription to download and listen to the audiobooks. You can get the audible app as well. Its app is available for Android and iOS both. Audible.com gives the one-month trial version and its free of cost. 
  • Project Gutenberg: This is again a well-known site to get the audiobooks and it also one of the oldest websites to offer audiobooks. The benefit of downloading the audiobooks from well-known sites is that here you can get those books also which are not available easily. The collection of audiobooks is huge here. The collection of human-read books is growing rapidly.
  • Nook Audiobooks: This website sells most of the audiobooks. The collection of human-read books is great here and the quality of books is super fine. You can get one audiobook here and pay for it. On this website, there is no rule of a one-month subscription.   
  • Downpour: If you want to get a one-month subscription of audiobooks sometime and want to go for one audiobook only sometimes then this website is the best one for you. Here you will get both of the options to get the audiobook you like.
  • OverDrive: It is an app that you can download on your mobile to read the audiobooks. Here you will get thousands of audiobooks. These books are available on more than 30,000 local libraries.

The Bottom Line

Here we have compiled with everything about the audiobooks. These books make it easy to stay in touch with your books even if you don’t have much time. Get any of the audiobooks from one of the websites as mentioned in the article and share your experience with us.  

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