Best children’s books Age-wise list

Best children’s books: Books are your best friends and reading is the best habit. Reading books takes you to the journey of known and unknown places. But in today’s time, it is difficult to develop the reading habit until you develop it in your kid from early childhood. You can develop the reading habit in your kid by telling stories from an early age. Here we have compiled a list of the Best children’s books that you should gift to your kids. For your feasibility, we have categorized the best books for kids age-wise.

Best Books For Kids Age Wise    

To develop the reading habit in your kid you will have to start reading books for them from an early age. Here have a look at the best books for the kids based on their age;


Best children books for 2-3-Year-Old Kids

When your kid becomes 2 years old then you can start reading books for him. Here have a look at the best books that you can read for your 2-3 years old kiddo. 

Guess How Much I Love You

Written By McBratney & illustrated by Anita Jeram

In this book, Little Nutbrown Hare and his father talk about the special bond that parents and their kids share. You can read this book to tell your kids how much you love them and make them feel special.

Adventures with Barefoot Critters

Written by Teagan White

You can teach alphabets to your kids with this book easily. The illustrations of this book make it cutest and attractive book and kids love to look at the beautiful pages of the book. It has short sentences and gentle rhymes which make this book easy for toddlers. You can have it as the first book for your child.

Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?

Written by Brianna Caplan Sayres, illustrated by Christian Slade

Kids love all kinds of vehicles and they want to know about them more and this book has the story of a vehicle, diggers. This book can be the best bed-time storybook for your little one. It has sweet and east rhymes that will take your kid to the land of dreams. 

Best children books for 4-5-Year-Old Kids

A 4-5 years old kid starts to read a few sentences so pick a book with easy to understand language. In this age also beautiful illustration attracts the children.   Here we have a list of the best books for 4-5 years, old kids. 

The Perfect Sofa

Written by Fifi Kuo
In this book, you will meet a Panda and a Penguin. They both love their sofa but they decide to but a new one to replace the oldie. The story illustrated in this book shows how to appreciate the things we already have in our lives. The story of the book has humor and good learning. The illustration of this book is done by Fifi Kuo which is the USP of this book.

We Eat Bananas

Written by Katie Abey

Animals celebrate different kinds of food and meals in this book. The bold and beautiful illustration of the book makes it more attractive. You can give this book to your 5-year-old kid and he will love to read it. The bright illustration of the book makes it look more interesting.   

Hair, It’s a family affair

Written By Mylo Freeman

This book talks about the different kinds of hair and hair colors in a family. You will get to see the different kinds of hairstyles within a family. The illustration of the book makes it look more interesting.

Ravi’s Roar

Written By Tom Percival

This book is about losing the temper and change in personality after that. It is the story of little Ravi who gets annoying for being the youngest one. In frustration, he roars and turns into a tiger. The illustration of the book makes it more entertaining and kids’ favorite. 

Mini Rabbit: Not Lost

Written By John Bond

The mini rabbit illustrated in this book is helping his mother in baking a cake. While baking the mother-son duo finds that they don’t have berries so the little rabbit goes in search of the missing ingredient. The book is about the story the journey of this mini rabbit and vibrant illustrations make it funnier for kids. 

Best children books for 6-8-Year-Old Kids

As your kid will grow up so the material he reads will become mature too. So here have a look at the best books for your kid for 6-8 years old.

My Weird School Series

Written By Dan Gutman & Illustrated by Jim Paillot

The book has the story of a wacky school and crazy teachers. Hilarity reigns in this school with a few crazy teachers like Mr. Klutz, Ms. Daisy, and Miss Small. This book is recommended by Ms. Cebrian, an elementary reading specialist. She says that it’s a must read book and series for hooking readers.

Calvin and Hobbes

Written by Bill Watterson

This comic is a classic book that has been passed from one generation to another. This is a hilarious one that has humor and cute twists. It’s a must read book for the kids of 6 to8 years. The book has been appreciated by the previous generation and the coming generation will also love to read it.

 Junie B. Jones Series

Written by Barbara Park, illustrated by Denise Brunkus

Junie B. Jones is the main character of this series. He is such a normal and common character that your kid can easily relate to it. The character shares her adventures at school and home. Not only your kid but you will also love to read this book.  

Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid

Written by Jeff Kinney

This book has a story of Greg Heffley’s best friend Rowley Jefferson. Jefferson talks about his journaling duties in this book. In the previous book of this series, Greg Heffley mentioned the incidents of his schools. The title of the earlier edition of this book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid. In this story, Rowley Jefferson talks about his side of the story. 

Best children books 9-10 Year Old Kids

Your 9-10 year old kid should read more as it will help your child to communicate better and to develop language. Reading books enables emotional awareness in your kid and he becomes more responsible. Here have a look at the books that your 9-10 years old kid should read. 

Answers To Everything

With age, the kids become more curious and they have so many questions in mind. This book has the answer to most of their queries. With the help of this book your kid can gain some extraordinary knowledge and can impress any adult. The book has everything about the ocean, fun facts, top ten lists, biographies, and others. It has more than one thousand answers related to different topics.  

Trapped In A Video Game

If your kid love video games and you want him to divert his attention to books then this one is the best. This book is about a 12 years old boy named Jesse Rigby. Jesse loves to play video games. One fine day when he was busy with his game one of his video games sucked him and he stuck inside then game with one of his friends.  The book is full of adventures and you will not like to drop it before you complete it.  

The Dangerous Book For Boys

If you are a parent of a boy then you definitely want him to behave like a gentleman. You boy can behave maturely if you will treat a 9 year old as a man. His confidence will make him popular among his classmates. This book has some tips on boyish skills that can make your boy a future gentleman.   This book is a bestseller and its billion copies have been sold so far. All the readers who have read this book must recommend it to parents of growing up boys. It has everything from making a treehouse to how to treat a girl in a better way.

Best children books 11-12 Year Old Kids

Beyond the Bright Sea

Written by Lauren Wolk

This book has a story about an orphan crow who finds herself on an unplanned and unprepared journey. She was rescued just after her birth from a boat. She wants to discover from where she came. The book is all about the curiosity of the crow and her adventure journey. A must read for the growing kids.

My Side of the Mountain

Written by Jean Craighead Georage

This book is about a boy Sam who lives in New York. Sam is unhappy as he lives in a big family. He decided to run from his crowded family to start a new life in the mountains. In his journey to the mountains, he faces many challenges. To live with the hardest face of nature he uses his courage and presence of mind to survive.

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