George Pelecanos Best Books: the best book to read

George Pelecanos Best Books: George P. Pelecanos is a famous American author. He has written approx 20 of his books in the detective fiction genre. Most of his books are set in his hometown Washington D.C. He also writes episodes of Simon’s HBO series The Wire and Treme.

George Pelecanos Best Books

The books written by George Pelecanos have a huge fan base. Here we will tell you the summary of a few very famous works of this writer.


The Way Home

This book of George P. Pelecanos belongs to the thriller genre. The Way home published in May 2009 in U.S.A and became an instant hit. In this book, you will Christopher Flynn whois trying to have a normal life after lots of troubles. After many years of rebellion with his father that nearly cost him his life now Flynn is working in his father’s company. He is dating a woman seriously. Though due to the mistakes he made in past his father still distrusts him but still, he believes that things will get fine soon.

One fine day Chris and his partner came to know about a tempting offer to which he cannot say no. Though Chris was on the right path old habits come again and again no matter how hard you try to leave them. The same happened with Chris, he repeated the same mistake and lost the trust of his special friend and father. After making this mistake Chris again tries his best to earn the trust of his friend and father back and try to blast the demon of the past.

When you will read the books written by Pelecanos you will observe that he takes his characters to the extreme of all the emotions. He does great work in portraying the struggle of the character and difficulty choosing between love and power.   

What It Was

This book of the writer was published in 2012. The book is set in Washington, D.C., 1972. In this book, the main character Derek Strange has set up a shop to run his services of the private investigation after leaving the police department. His former partner Frank “Hound Dog” Vaughn, is still working for the Police Department. Strange get a new case of a young lady.

She needs help from Strange to recover a cheap ring from a junkie. She claims that she has an emotional attachment to the ring. Though the ring is cheap but has a big sentimental value for the lady. This case leads Strange to Vaughn’s turf here a local drug addict has been killed on point-blank at this apartment. Soon the detective has to run after the ruthless killer: Red Fury. Red Fury is known for his look and the car that his girlfriend drives. He doesn’t hesitate to kill anyone who comes in between of his way.

Red Fury doesn’t have any retirement plan. The violence gets higher and both Strange and his former partner Vaughn start their search for this ruthless killer. This book of George P. Pelecanos has every small detail about the places, car the people in the book used, their clothes, and music of that time. The book can take you to a time travel to Washington D.C. of 1972. 

The Cut

In this book, the crime fiction writer George Pelecanos brings one more character named Spero Lucas. He is an anti-hero who is busy making a significant place in a battle. Spero Lucas returned to Washington, D.C. after serving the country in Iraq. After his return to the home country, he is now doing special investigations for a defense attorney. An investigation is one of the key skills of Spero Lucas and he is pretty good in this. He is also proficient in recovering the stolen prosperities. His cut is forty percent on all the recovered items. 

On hearing about the specialty of Spero a high profile crime boos hire him to take his services.  It is the biggest offer that Spero has ever got. But before he could realize anything he is trapped in the world of violence. He tangles with the men with no morality. Then he thinks is there any cut that is more important than your family, friends, and lover for anyone. In this book, the writer introduced Spero Lucas for the very first time who has a bit of grey shades.

Right as Rain

Here is another work of George P. Pelecanos. The genre of this book is similar to all other books of the author, suspense, and thriller. In this book, the story starts with a murder where a white cop murders an off duty black cop. The mother of black cop hires Derek Strange to find what has happened exactly and how.  Strange starts his investigation and the killer white cop named Terry Quinn, helps him to identify the whole situation.  Strange finds himself dealing with bad cops and drug dealers.

This book kicks off the Derek Strange series.  Derek Strange is a black PI. He left his job in the Police Department and runs a detective agency.  Terry Quinn is another strong character of the book who is a white man and used to be a cop in the Police Department.  Now he is working in a used book and record center. Both a white man and a black man tackle the case of a black cop to whom Terry Quinn. Both of the characters are developed maturely and readers can make a connection to them. This is the reason that the author is so famous and his readers are a fan of his work.   

Though Strange is the main character of the book Terry Quinn is not less impressive. He is an interesting character who is not sure whether he has killed Wilson, the black cop or not. He says he isn’t sure if he shot Wilson because he was black. Later on his girlfriend, Juana enters the story who is his half-black, half-Puerto Rican. It complicates Quinn’s feelings about the people from other races.

Both the detective and the former cop and accused of killing Wilson become friends naturally. The relationship between both of the characters has a strong impression on the readers and they want Strange and Quinn to be together.  In this book, the author will take to out from Washington D.C. Overall an interesting book to read.

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