Best Science Fiction Books Last 20 years: Bestselling science fiction books of all time

Best sci-fi fantasy books: Sci-fi books have the perfect combination of thrill, suspense, and logic that forces the reader to read the book in one go. The world of books is huge and it has so many wonderful books related to all genres. In this article, We have shared Best Science Fiction Books Last 20 years.

No matter how aware you are about the books of your interest there are always a few books that you miss sue to non-awareness about them. If you love to read sci-fi fiction then here we have a list of a few best books of this category. And if it is your first time reading a sci-fi book then also you can go through the list to get the best inspiration for sci-fi books.  

So here have a look at some must-read Bestselling science fiction books of all time. These books have some weird imagination that will make you more curious about the story of the book;

Best Science Fiction Books

Science fiction is the category that allows the writer to combine imagination with reality. In this category of books, you will find amazing stories and unique descriptions of creatures. Though not all the books of this category have a tight storyline so here we bring best out of all books of Science Fiction. 


Foundation, by Isaac Asimov (1951)

Asimov is famous among the readers for his short stories. His works such as ‘The Last Question’ or Nightfall are famous because of their unpredicted ends. But in his book Foundation, you witness a different personality of the writer. Here he talks about the rise and fall of the empires. You will meet at Hari Seldon in this series. He is the architect of psychohistory and he can make accurate predictions thousands of years in advance. Hari Seldon believes that these predictions will save the future of humans. Its a must-read for the lovers of Sci-fi books. 

The Stars My Destination, by Alfred Bester (1957)

This book is known as a landmark in Science fiction books. Earlier the novel was published with the title Tiger! Tiger! The novel was first published in the United Kingdom. This name was inspired by a poem written by William Blake. This book begins with a question, ‘what if humans could teleport?’ The story of the book seems so real that the reader starts to imagine him as a part of the story.

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, by Robert Heinlein (1966)

The books talk about the satellite of the earth, the Moon. It tells you about the harsh life on the moon and the challenges to survive in orbit. The book released before three years when the man set a step on the moon. This gripping novel is one of the favorites of Elon Musk.  The storyline keeps the reader busy with it. The reader is always curious to know what will happen now. This book talks about the exiles and misfits of the lunar population. Overall, the book is perfect to experience sci-fi fiction.

Ice, by Anna Kavan (1967)

This is the last sci-fi novel written by Anna Kavan and it is one of the best novels of the writer. This book gives you a vision of the end of the world. You can feel goosebumps while reading the movement of unstoppable ice. The ice shelf gulps everything present on the earth. The story of this book is narrated by a  nameless narrator who is a male protagonist. The narrator chases a mysterious and ethereal young woman. As the ice comes close to the earth the feelings of the narrator become darker about the lady. He also crosses the path with the captor of the lady who is always a step ahead of the narrator. This novel is like a nightmare when there is no way to escape from the end. The language of the book is so powerful and able to deliver a horrifying tale to the readers. The book also talks about other strong subjects like mental illness, loneliness, and addiction. Overall it’s a must-read book if you love sci-fi books. 

A Scanner Darkly, by Philip K Dick (1977)

This novel is not purely sci-fi as here the author struggles with his drug addiction. The novel looks more like an autobiography less a fictional story but it still makes you curious about the upcoming events in the life of the author. A vice cop of California Bob Arctor lives undercover with a community of drug addicts. This book shows the struggle of a cop when he has to hide his face and voice while meeting his fellow cops. Arctor feels like he is losing his sense of self because of the impression of drugs and pressure to hide from police.

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Neuromancer, by William Gibson (1984)

Can you expect any writer to write about AI in 1984? William Gibson has done it in his novel Neuromancer. In this book, the author shares a story of Henary who is a hacker turned junkie. In his last case, he tries to pull off the dodgy sounding job. His last job takes him to the Japanese underworld where you will get to read about cyberspace, AI, and cryonics. In this novel, the writer has used all his creativity and made it a must-read book for sci-fi book lovers.

Jurassic Park, by Michael Chrichton (1990)

Before the popularity of the mega-media franchise “Jurassic World”, this book became an instant hit. The book takes you to the world of Dina sours. Whether you have seen Jurassic Park or not, you must read this book to experience a brilliant storyline.  There is a general conception that usually books are better than the movies based on them and it applies to this book as well. Jurassic Park is not the only smart work of Michael Chrichot, he has also written many other great books as well. You can feel the connection between the writer and his idea when you read his description of dinosaurs.

Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson (1992)

This book is a combination of ancient mythology, Google Earth, Cryptocurrency, social networks, and computer science. The main character or hero of this novel  Hiro Protagonist is a hacker and swordsman. He comes to know about the spread of a dangerous virus. A religious group is behind the spread of this virus. When Hiro tries to stop it, a religious cult propagates him. This book has everything that you look for a sci-fi thriller. Add this one in your reading list this time. 

Below are the best below of 21st century Bestselling science fiction books.

Metro 2033, by Dmitry Glukhovsky (2002)

As shown by name, this book is based on the future, the year 2033. It is the time when nuclear apocalypse reduced the population. People of Moscow have to flee to underground tunnels of the city. The maze of tunnels becomes the ground of fight. Each metro station has become the kingdom of independent tribes. Flesh eating mutants live in the tunnels between the metro stations in tunnels. In the tunnels, a sound also comes that makes people crazy. A teenager Artyom saves the remaining mankind by travel to the heart of the metro and fight against dangers of the way.  The novel was the bestselling one among all the books written by the writer. It became popular worldwide and many video games were launched on the concept of this novel.

The Three-Body Problem, by Liu Cixin (2008)

This book of Liu Cixin, the most famous writer of China published in 2008. In this book, the writer talks about one more civilization apart from humans. This new kind of civilization loves the climate of the earth so they want to come to earth to take it. They would need 100 years to come to earth so humans have this much to prepare for upcoming challenges.   It’s a must read a book Barak Obama and Mark Zuckerberg both are the fans of writer’s work.

The Martian, by Andy Weir (2015)

The thought of life on another planet always makes humans excited. This book has the same plot, here the writer talks about life on Mars. It is the first book of Andy and it has all the small details included. Read this book to know some real and some fictional facts about the red planet.

Borne, by Jeff VanderMeer (2017)

This sci-fi fictional novel looks real to the readers. Here you will read about a giant flying bear and a   sea anemone-like creature. The writer used biotechnology to make the story look real. In short, a must-read book for sci-fi fictional lovers. This book has an emotional side as well that teaches the value of friendship.

If you have suggestion related to Best science fiction books 2020, then comment below and we will review and if it is deserving we will put it up here.

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