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Walter Mosley has an impressive catalogue of more than 50 books. More than 43 books written by him have been the best selling books so far. Walter Mosley is such a diverse writer that he has written a book on almost every genre including suspense, thriller, erotica, and science too. 

If you never experienced the charm of Mosely’s writing and thinking to start reading one of his works then you must wait and think from where to start. All Walter Mosley books are so impressive that the reader does not want to leave the book before reading it completely. Check Below Walter Mosley Best Book.

The writing career of Walter Mosley took off in 1990 when his first novel Devil in a Blue Dress published.Readers loved this book and it became the bestselling book of this new author in the market. That time even Mosley didn’t expect the fame and love he has received from his fans. 

With this novel, people start to identify him as a mystery novelist, and still, he has this tag on him. The fiction work of Mosley also gets a place on the big screen as in 1995 film adaptation of Devil in a Blue Dress released.  The starting point of Mosley’s career was also a start of long-running series of hardboiled mysteries. 

Ezekiel “Easy” Rawlins, an African American private investigator and World War II veteran was featured in this series where he used to solve crime in 1950s Los Angeles.  

Since then Mosley hasn’t stopped in fact he has delivered great work and continues to be the favorite of his fans. In his Easy Rawlins series, he has added 13 books. Moreover, he has also created two more series. He has released fiction, non-fiction both kinds of books so far.

There is one common thing in all the main charters of all the series pen downed by Walter Mosley that they all are black men and working against the corrupt justice system.

The reason behind commonness can be connected with the personal life of Walter. He comes from a mixed-race household, He is a child of an African American father and a Jewish mother. His parents got married at that time when the interracial marriage was a taboo. He spent his childhood in Los Angles where racial tension was common. The impact of this is visible in his writing.

In America it is unique to have a black hero in the book, Mosley did so which became USP of his books later on.

McGill is another character shaped by Mosley. He is an ex-boxer and a private investigator that live in today’s New York City. This character of Mosley is a troubled character who is being treated as a second class citizen which fills him with hate and anger.


This character faces a similar situation as the writer itself. Walter Mosley’s work fills the gap between white and black fiction heroes. He challenged the monopoly of white heroes in thriller fictions and readers love this too. If you are new to Walter’s work and uncertain from where to start with then here we are to help you. Here we have mentioned the best works of Mosley that you should not miss.

Walter Mosley Best Books

Here we have compiled about the best books of Walter Mosley. If you love to read suspense and thriller then these books must be in your reading list; 

Devil in a Blue Dress

Devil in a Blue Dress is the first book written by the writer. The book published in 1990 and it became the best selling instantly. Readers love the writing style of the writer and this made Mosley famous.

One of the most famous books of Walter Mosley starts with a normal day in Los Angles. It was the 1950s when the hero of the book, Easy Rawlins is in a bar.

This normal day became mysterious when he finds something suspicious around a mission white woman.

He starts his investigation and the complete story is all about the lady and the incidents that happen during the investigation of  Easy Rawlins. The book became so popular that in 1995 it was adapted into a film in which Denzel Washington performed the role of Easy.      

The Long Fall

In this book, the writer introduced a new character, Leonid McGill. Gill in New York city-based investigator.

His relationship status is complicated and to avoid his mind from his married life he buries himself into work.  Earlier he used to accept shady jobs which he stops accepting later on.

The murder of his client changes his perspective of work. Who killed his client and why is the story of this book. 

All I Did Was Shoot My Man

This book has another installment of the thrill and suspense of the investigation of Leonid McGill. Here a lady  Zella Grisham shot her boyfriend for cheating on her. She finds her boyfriend in bed with another lady and in anger, she pressed the trigger to kill her man.

But Zella could not recall anything in court but as every evidence was against her to she is sent to jail for 8  years. When she came out from prison she wants to clear her name. So she hires the hero of the book and the rest story is full of suspense.

Trouble is What I Do

This is the most recent work of Mosley. This book also tells the thrilling story of private investigator Leonid McGill. In this book, McGill has to deliver a scandalous letter. He has to prove that a famous and wealthy heiress has the letter and she has been hiding it in her black lineage. The father of the lady is a black sheep and all the story revolves around these three characters.

Bad Boy Brawly Brown

This book has Easy Rawlins who has become a father now and has settled in his life but he still does the investigations. He got a case to keep an eye on a young man named Brawly Brown. The parents of Brown give this task to the investigator as they fear that their son has fallen into bad company. Rawlins finds that the son of his clients is involved with an extremist group.

Little Scarlet

The story of this book takes you to the city of Los Angeles. It is the time of 1965 just after the racially-charged Watts riots and the heat of riots can still be felt in the city.  The job of Easy Rawlins takes him to a morgue. Here the body of a red-haired woman is being examined. The nickname of the lady is “Little Scarlet”. The investigator and the hero of the story have to find out the killer of the lady.

Blonde Faith

This novel of Walter Mosley became so popular and famous that he received the prestigious  NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work for the first time.

This book has Easy Rawlins who has become a middle-aged man now but still, he is in investigation work and has no plan to slow down anytime soon. One fine day he finds adopted daughter of his friend alone on his stoop.

He understood that something is not right and his friend is in big trouble as he will never abandon a girl willingly. He starts an investigation and finds the connection of drug mafia with his case.

Jack Strong

With this novel, Walter proves that he is great with sci-fi thriller as well. Library Journal mentioned this novel that  “the only disappointment to be found…is that it ends too soon”. This line itself is sufficient to increase your curiosity about this novel. In this novel the hero of the story, Jack finds himself in a room of a hotel in Las Vegas city. Here he finds a man who controls his mind and a corrupt casino boss. Jack looks for the mysterious man who tells him about the casino and its boss. 

Down the River unto the Sea

Mosley released this novel in 2018 and this novel earned him an Edgar Award for Best Novel. This novel is about an investigator named Joe King Oliver who used to be the best and most cunning investigator but he trapped in a crime which he didn’t commit. After completion of his punishment and spending approx 10 years behind the bars he came out and run a detective agency. But he is still looking for the answer if the question that who framed him? 

Fearless Jones

In this novel, the writer narrates a story that took place in Los Angles in 1950. The story is about a man named Paris Minton. Paris Minton operates a shop for used books. One day a lady  Elana Love came who wants to come out from a relationship with her jealous boyfriend.

After the entry of the lady in the story the life of Paris becomes difficult as he was shot, robbed and his store is burned. His friend Fearless Jones came out to help him at this time.

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